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Treasures of London

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The Treasures of London is a walking tour through the historic sections of the city. On our tour you will learn about and visit the important buildings and iconic symbols of London’s heritage and government.

We’ll take a walk through two of Greater London’s boroughs along the River Thames – the City of Westminster and the City of London.

In the City of Westminster we will see such sites as Westminster Abbey, the gothic cathedral next to the Palace of Westminster and the most notable religious building in all of the United Kingdom. This church is the traditional place of coronation and burial site of the English and British monarchy.

We’ll also see 10 Downing Street, the headquarters of Her Majesty’s Government and home of the Prime Minister. Nearby is Buckingham Palace, the official London residence of the Queen where every 2 hours can be seen the “changing of the guard.”

The London Underground metro locally known as “the Tube” is the world’s oldest metro system. We will take a ride from the City of Westminster over to the City of London.

The City of London, formally known as Londinium in ancient times, is an ancient section of Greater London that is an original Roman settlement dating from the 1st century AD until the middle ages. Here you will see the Temple of Mithras, the famous London Stone, and sections of the old London Wall typical of how the Romans protected their cities during the time of the great Roman Empire.

Contact us to reserve your tour early. Our guides are limited and their schedules fill in quickly. You don’t want to miss your opportunity to tour with the best private guides catering to families with children. They make the experience fun for the whole family!

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Will Blacksmith from Detroit Michigan
1 reviews

My family and I had never traveled outside of the United States before, but the trip my wife and I always fantasized about was going to London. Of course, we didn't know how to navigate this beautiful city ourselves and had to invest in tour guides for the occasion.

We were somewhat nervous but the tour guides, Christina and Roberta, were great comforts. They showed us all the sights that we had dreamt of viewing for so long, and explained in depth about them. Our children were not bored and they were very excited to be able to participate in a tour of a place so unlike anything they had ever seen before.

After the tour they were both begging to live in London! The tour guides made the experience very romantic and engaging and all four of us had the time of our lives. If we were ever going to go to London again, with other family members who have never had the chance to experience what we have,

I would definitely use their services again. In fact, I recommended them to my co-worker earlier this week upon hearing that he and his family were looking for the ideal vacation. London surely tops any experience I ever had with traveling. While I've only gone out of the country once, this service made it such a wonderful experience for all of us.